Nintendo 3DS a failure that continues to sell millions

The Nintendo 3DS called one of the stars of Christmas due to its price and low competition this year in that territory will finally give us the possibility to download extra content and improve on its games.

This will be a great addition with the coming of its DLC Payments that will be released in March and the following title fire emblem will be the one to be the first of these such downloads that seems to be also an important element for the future Wii U.a

The movement around the Nintendo 3DS is frantic these days and also in Japan there have been new downloadable demos available.

With this added to its services Nintendo could offer some type of free material with which it can celebrate with its fan base with its at most “risk” console.

Also with the approach of the 4 million units sold off its 3-D console in Japan with which it officially the Japanese portable has surpassed its previous model in the same period of time.

These are not bad statistics for a console labeled by many as one of the worst gaming devices ever released.


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