6 tips to offer a product on Facebook

Companies are relying on Facebook to increase brand awareness in the market, build community and strengthen the customer service as the beginning of a social marketing.
But how can companies effectively use Facebook to amplify new product launches?Consultations with some companies, large and small, indicate that use Facebook effectively introducing products to market and generate new sales.

1 .- Build a target audience

To ensure that time spent is well spent on line, companies must focus on building and cultivating an audience. Start by defining your audience and developing a strategy to attract that demographic to your Facebook page. A specific content strategy, social gifts and Facebook ads can help companies reach the right people.

2 .- To reward existing members of the community.

An interesting demonstration of the stimulus that occurs in members of a brand, is the campaign that made a well known company in the market for sporting goods. The same, decided to market a new golf ball, choosing a Master Tournament. To reward existing members of their community, offered a number of balls a limited edition gift for fans in the days before the tournament. The draw took place several weeks before the balls were available for sale in retail stores, so the public still has no access to the product.

In addition to giving away a few golf balls sporting the company also offered a free shipping code promotion as a “consolation prize.” According to the manager of digital marketing company, doubled the release ratesinteraction and led to a significant increase in impressions. In particular, the revenue generated by the promotional code of the campaign was six times the cost to run the campaign.

3.-Create pages of destination and clear calls to action

In some cases, Facebook can function as a traditional destination page. A company selling software that sells its products exclusively online, using Facebook pages to create “condensed versions for new software products.” The good results obtained using this system, allow the company to advise aspects to consider in creating effective landing pages in Facebook:

a) Take into consideracón design constraints.Facebook pages have a fixed width of 520 pixels. Furthermore, if the design goes beyond 800 pixels in height, a horizontal scroll bar is automatically inserted into the design while maintaining the aesthetics and functionality.For a clean design and easy integration, it is recommended height of 800 pixels or less.

b) Keep the navigation options as simple as possible or based on the existing left menu to scroll through the design process páginas.El in the custom part, you are surrounded by various navigation options Facebook.

c) Provide clear calls to action. What do you want the user when it comes to your site?, Ensure it is its very clear to the user. The company suggested putting clear links in the target page that allow users to advance and learn more about your product or purchase.What you need to keep these pages are dead ends.

4 .- Apply feedback to improve the product.

If a company which has built a community on Facebook that resembles the target market, this may be an important network for research and development assets. Request information for the design of feedback, and get the functionality. If you’re launching a product with a beta test period, ask the Facebook community to serve as volunteers on the ad.

5 .- geolocation Operate

If the advertisement includes a pitch products aimed at specific cities, take advantage of geographic targeting tools Facebook (geotargeting), including custom announcements and updates of state.
Facebook ads can be targeted by state, city or ZIP code. However, there is detienga, drill more to create a more specific campaign, profitably and efficiently. For example, if your product appeals to people who work in a specific industry, investigate the major players in this space and target the ad to people working in these companies and live in the city that are seeking to understand.

6.-Take launches creative gifts.

Companies want to be creative with rewards when making new product launches or promotions, but it is important to stay true to the brand gifts and use them as a learning opportunity for the users thereof. A company linked to the bakery sector says: “Everything that was given away are products that are already sold or is sold in bakeries planned in terms of products / brands. We also use Facebook launched to educate consumers about what the product. ”

“Facebook is still a major component in the product launch strategy. With each release, we have new products on Facebook, ask the fans opinions and offer gifts from time to time to encourage sampling. Since the launch of the product, we have doubled the audience of Facebook for more than 1 million “like”, especially through contests and other promotions that fans feel committed to help the brand

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