AMD is betting on its 3 HD 7000 chips to hit the shelves early next year

The 7000 are set to be released by AMD as we speak these GPU’s have been rumored for a while now and it looks like AMD still has another two more GPU’s that are to be released by March of 2012.

The first of the 7000 GPU models to be released to the public will be the Radeon 7970 the actual release date is going to be January 9, but also expect the Radeon 7950 to be released during that time with the label Tahiti Pro – the 7970 is the Tahiti XT powerful full card offers 3GB of onboard RAM running at 1250MHZ. The core clock sits at 900MHZ. this means that the current generation 68xx series will be replaced by the 7870 and 7850 cards that will be launched in February and expect these cards to have around 1 GB of RAM.

The smallest card to be released is said to be called the 7770, and it will have lower clock speeds also known as Cape Verde. only time will tell if AMD can regain composure after a horrible year with its bulldozer brand but failed to deliver big-time and once again is jumping in front of Nvidia in releasing its next-generation products.

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