AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 is here: Hard core gamers rejoice

‘s Brand-new graphic card is by far the world’s fastest single GPU that has been just released.

The recent 7970 video card has more than 3000 stream processors a whopping 3 gigs of memory and tons of performance upgrades geared for gamers are looking to have the most powerful card on the market. But take a look at the most powerful features of this card.

From the outside the card is still using the same black and red color scheme that has been popular over the years so the outside it’s not going to look much different than the previous models. However what’s underneath the cover is what’s really important, nicked named southern islands architecture the 7970 packs 2048 SPs stream processors that is a 28% increase over the 689.

The card is build on 4.31 billion transistors and will be using the brand new 28nm processor, there is a total 3 GB of RAM that is a massive amount this will be helpful for people running more than two monitors such as eyefinity, another first will be a that this card will be using the new PCI express 3.0 architecture and will have a dual link an HDMI port, and two mini display ports that will be able to run up to three monitors and six in later on in 2012. As for power you require an eight pin and a six pin power connector and will continue to support crossfire for a dual GPU system.

Some early benchmarks report that battlefield 3 is 13% faster running 1080p and Batman:Arkham city is 17% faster in 1080p and last is Metro 2033 running 27% faster at 1080p not too shabby.

These gains are pretty substantial this also means that you should expect to pay more, early prices are set at $549, obviously this card is targeted to hard-core gamers that are looking for a top-of-the-line equipment and the HD 7970 GPU is definitely that.

Via Techspot

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