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Google considers Firefox a partner and not a rival

The agreement a few days ago between Google and Mozilla to extend the Google granting compensation

2012 will be a crucial year for Microsoft

2012 may be a key year for the future of Microsoft. Although there may be many

Samsung Note has reached 1 million in sold units in three months

Samsung good lucky. They Just announced that one of their most experimental devices, the Samsung Galaxy

Special forces apparently has been hacked

Anonymous hackers are back in the news this time they claim to have broken into

Nintendo 3DS a failure that continues to sell millions

The Nintendo 3DS called one of the stars of Christmas due to its price and low

HP is preparing to renew its image

The company HP completely revamped its image with a new logo represents the company. More stylish, minimalist

HTC releases source codes for the HTC Desire S and Sensation XL world versions

Some interesting news once again from our friends over at HTC, as has been reported HTC

Ice Cream Sandwich CM9′s Lock Screen. What do you think ?

Cyanogen was once again lucky as they always seem to be. They have gotten front row

HTC: EVO 4G 8 MP Android SmartPhone with CDMA 4.3-inch WVGA TouchScreen Review

The new HTC EVO 4G can now be found at Sprint, brandishing a new 4.3 WVGA

iLuv iSM524 ArtStation Pro, Audio Docking Station For Samsung GALAXY Tablets

As we’ve seen from previous products from iLuv, such as speaker docks for iPhone, iPod touch