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SolarWinds Patch Manager Review

If there is one task all system administrators hate, it’s patch management.  It is a boring

Microsoft signs a new licensing agreement with Android with LG continues to play hardball

With this agreement Redmond receives 70% income of Android smartphones sold in the United States. Microsoft

Dell unveils its first ultrabook at CES 2012, the XPS 13

With a  13 inch screen and only 6 mm thick, the new Dell XPS 13  features

Microsoft prepares interactive episodes of Sesame Street with Kinect

After nine years of talks between Microsoft and the producer of Sesame Street, the original version

LG already has a 84-inch 3D TV with 4K resolution

LG continues to stay ahead of others and is ready to make a stand at next

High-tech gloves to handle your iPhone or GPS in the winter

Many of us who are fortunate enough to live in cold climates or unfortunate enough, have

HP is preparing to renew its image

The company HP completely revamped its image with a new logo represents the company. More stylish, minimalist

iPad with retina screen and NFC for 2012?

The rumor mill never rests. There has been more details of future for the iPhone and

Features of the new Finepix HS20EXR, Fuji’s new camera

Fuji competes with Nikon and Canon digital cameras for enhancements such as lenses, zoom and speed.

Minimit, a jQuery plugin to create sliders

The jQuery plugins that can be used in any website and add a good looking design and