CES 2012: OnLive will integrate with Google TV

It appears that 2012 will be the year that marks the definitive launch of Google TV, the failed bet of the big G to turn your television into a kind of entertainment center based on the Internet. Some time ago we heard that LG would join the small group of companies that will ally with the Google service (which was confirmed during the CES 2012), now OnLive which will add to catalog of Google TV. Recall that OnLive is a gaming platform based on the cloud, so the user does not require a console that is responsible for running the games.

In this way those who purchase a device or compatible television with Google TV will access the extensive catalog of games available on the OnLive platform, with the possibility of enjoying 720p quality via streaming  (as long as the quality of connection allows it ). To access the OnLive service via Google TV users will have to acquire a fixed priced at $ 50, plus the monthly subscription cost of the OnLive service itself.

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