Cheetah Sync synchronizes your Android mobile to your PC via Wifi, simple, fast and free

Today we bring you an application which I think is very good face to save you from lots of headaches and lots of time when transferring information between your Android mobile device and your PC. Cheetah Sync is an application for Android that will serve to synchronize your android device with your computer by connecting via Wi-Fi.

To use Cheetah Sync you need to download the application that is available on the android market and also have to install an application on your PC available on their official website. The only complaint I can find is that it is currently only compatible with Windows and Mac computers. No Linux love ?

Once both are installed all we need to do is create a “Job”, which is just select what folders we want to synchronize on each device and click on synchronize to start the process. We can select to synchronize the images folder of your Android device with the images folder in your computer (or create a new folder) and if they are connected via the same wireless network the smartphone and PC can begin the synchronization.

Cheetah Sync has many options settings and you can decide whether the synchronization is done automatically or when we decide to do it, by pressing an option in the application, we can select which folder on your android that you want to synchronize with our PC, decide whether the way way the synchronization to be android>>PC, PC>>android or a two-way communication, synchronize single files instead of folders, etc …



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