Creating an Android Application of your website, FreeBlogApps

Today more and more we hear about the expression that we are increasingly navigating the Internet with smartphones because of the convenience for us to access social networks.

That is why many websites are opting to optimize their websites for mobile phones to create applications like Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. I’ll introduce FreeBlogApps for this reason.

FreeBlogApps is a web application to create a web application of your blog or website in an easy and fast matter in a few steps. Just need to add the feed of your website or blog to start designing the application completely customizable to your taste then it can be downloaded and distributed by those who wish to have access to.

Perhaps the best part besides everything that I have already talked about is that this function is designed for websites based on the free WordPress platform, FeddBurner and so on. Also note that it will not take more than 3 minutes to create your Android App.

I hope it works for you.

Link | FreeBlogApps

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