Dell unveils its first ultrabook at CES 2012, the XPS 13

With a  13 inch screen and only 6 mm thick, the new Dell XPS 13  features a Intel Core integrated i3, i5 or i7 dual core.

Dell has joined the group of companies  at this year’s CES 2012  to show off  their ultrabooks. This particular model is called the Dell XPS 13 and its design is reminiscent of the MacBook Air from Apple, has a 13-inch screen, weighs just over a kilo, its thickness is six millimeters and can operate up to eight hours on one battery charge.

Dell is looking for more profitable business segments such as mobile devices. The company has already announced the end of its Mini netbooks and  it’s Streak  tablet, which have resonated well among consumers.

The new Dell XPS 13 is designed for professionals, but the company has said it will also be offered to the consumer channel.

Despite its extreme thinness, the XPS 13 delivers all the functionality of a standard sized laptop, users will have a full-size keyboard.

The price of Dell XPS 13 starts at the $ 999 and will be available in late February or early March. Note that  this ultra-book it features mobile phone specific features such as Smart Connect, through which e-mail and social networks are kept up to date even if the laptop is in sleep mode. In addition, Dell says the XPS 13 starts in seconds.

The interior features a Core i3, i5 or i7-based dual-core Sandy Bridge microarchitecture, 256GB SSD and 4GB of RAM.

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