Galaxy Tab 10.1, one tablet to squeeze Android

After many attempts, finally a tablet gets to stands up to the Apple iPad2. In fact, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, looks suspiciously like the Apple device. It is slightly thinner, hardly noticeable, can record HD video, the battery lasts about the same (about 9 hours) and at first glance might even be confusing if it did not have the beveled edges.

Since Honeycomb was announced in January, the tablet version of Android, there have been many releases from the industry, but few made up for a price close to iPad with features closest to the initial iPad than the latest model. The operating system is simple, clear and intuitive, perhaps even more than the phones.

The front surface of the 10-inch Galaxy Tab is completely flat, there is no button on it. The power, volume up or down and the memory expansion slot and SIM card hidden in the side.

Unlike the tablet of Jobs you do not need a computer to start using it, either to update it. And, this is especially appreciated, you do not need to go through the cumbersome iTunes to load the tablet with content. When connected to the computer detects it as an external hard drive. Just drag and drop, without further complications.

Deficiencies do not appear as product liability and the operating system because there are not enough apps and games out there to squeeze the maximum of this tablet. The quality and strength of the tablet will be taken a notice when showing a video, either recorded with the back camera or YouTube, or when you videoconference, but it is difficult to use for editing recorded movies and creates a more complete video. By the way, it is able to diplay Flash format.

In the Android Market, Google’s app store, there needs to be an equivalent to iMovie or Garage Band to exploit creativity. Nor is there reading Flipboard content for blogs or social networking with a simple layouts.

Still, the software that comes loaded by default is generous: a music manager, another e-mail, various games and electronic book reader, and Google Maps and a simple calculator and small programs to manage expenses. Samsung includes some programs to manage social networks of interest and include news and weather information in any of the five screens.

The tablet can be bought off for $499, but both Vodafone and Orange offer it with data rates from $199 and $329 euros respectively. You can choose one with the back in white or black.

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