HTC releases source codes for the HTC Desire S and Sensation XL world versions

Some interesting news once again from our friends over at HTC, as has been reported HTC just released the source code for two of their most talked about phones, the HTC desire S and the Sensation XL both international models ofcourse, this is great news for all those “hacker” developers out there looking for new and exiting ways to cook up new code,

By that we mean we should now see an influx of coders cooking up new ROM’s and uploading them at XDA developers! Since Ice Cream Sandwich seems to be the popular thing this days when it comes to aftermaket ROMS, it should be exciting to see what will come out at the end. If you are a developer and want to get your hands on the source code we’ve provide then link to do so below. I hope we see some cool stuff come out

Source: HTC Developer Center Via: Android Central

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