Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest from Android

The first thing we will find when we fire the new Ice Cream Sandwich is a radical change in the GUI. The futuristic style, Roboto typography and Matias Duarte designs give the system a complete facelift.

The unlock screen is also completely new, with a middle button to be shifted right to unlock the device. One of the most interesting features is that from the unlock screen you can access the camera directly to take a snapshot in just a few seconds, this is very cool especially when you want to take a picture right at the spot.
Added new types of “features” including facial recognition, with the front camera you can take a picture of your face and if it recognizes you, the phone will unlock itself.

The improvements also include improved spell checker, which ends so many headaches by giving users a tactile keyboard.

Ice Cream Sandwich poses many improvements that will make users’ lives much more productive as this seems to be Google’s direction for its Android mobile operating system, a complete OS, as demonstrated in each of the updates that we face.

My conclusion is that I love the new Ice Cream Sandwich and I’m already looking forward to installing it on my Galaxy S. I’ll leave a video presentation of the new version of Android.

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