Infographic: The mobile world in 60 seconds

Mobclix, a company dedicated to mobile advertising, has built an interesting infographic that shows what happens every 60 seconds in the world of portable devices.

Thus we see how every minute thousands of applications are downloaded from online stores for each manufacturer, 208 000 people play Angry Birds and more than 77 000 people are connected via WiFi from their iPhone.

If you wonder where the data comes from, the answer is simple: The people at Mobclix looked directly into the application publishers, industry sources and using methods of calculation, that is how they obtained statistics.

The best part? Every minute there are more than 400 000 requests to add users in different communities, which at the end of the day turns into 9 million 600 000 new connections… Can you imagine how many of those connections between strangers begin and end in true friendship or business contacts ? 😉

Link: TechCrunch

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