iPad with retina screen and NFC for 2012?

The rumor mill never rests. There has been more details of future for the iPhone and iPad, that looks for next year for the release of new features.

Let’s start with the iPad: the next generation of Apple’s tablet, apparently, would display “Retina” 2048 × 1536 pixels even with the difficulties which this screen can take to manufacture to the demands of Cupertino nonetheless. There was talk that precisely because of these difficulties Apple had prepared a display with a resolution of 1600 × 1200 pixels, which would still be a higher pixel density than the current iPad but without the Retina effect get to stop seeing the pixels. The benefits of having that effect have already been proven. Of course, it would be about a millimeter thicker because of the need of that extra lighting panel.

Furthermore, the apparent iPad model 3 has appeared in the source code of the preliminary versions of IOS 5 reveals that Apple is preparing to launch in a few months.

Change of pace and focusing on the Apple phone, it seems that the next iPhone may have an embedded NFC chip. This rumor has been appearing and disappearing for a while, but now that many competitors can support this technology Apple has now decided to show their understanding of the benefits this chip can bring.

As always, you have to take this information with tweezers. But the data coming from the same source indicated that Apple is finally ready for the next generation of mobile devices. We are awaiting more data.

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