Jailbreak “Homebrew” on PS Vita ?

It didn’t take too long to arrive “Homebrew” for PS Vita – PlayStation Vita – less than expected by Wololo, who released it for the consumer

This “Jailbreak” on portable console just begun, but it has been a small portion and will eventually see the operation of the PSP games working with the console, however no title was mentioned as of yet.

Sony is not at all happy, since it recently launched the console and less than a few week it has been “deflowered” and that it even included high-security, but no, it is because an exploit was able to reach certain functions.

Half Byte Loader has made it hiss own with the charger, it is believed that future developments will have a lot to do with the execution of the previous console titles and provide for changes in the design of the “Home”.

You can see the video below to check it out however some speculate that this may be a joke you decide.

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