Kim Jong-il to spend $ 200,000 annually on pets, according to Seoul

SEOUL. North Korea spends $ 200,000 annually in exotic animals for leader KimJong-il and his family, in addition to spending on luxury items such as wines, yachts and even personal watercraft, according to areport released today by a parliamentaryKorean.

The lawmaker Yoon Sang-hyun of the rulingGrand National Party (GNP), explained that in the last three years the regime of Kim Jong-ilhas managed to bypass international sanctions against the importation of luxurygoods with the help of intermediaries, especially China and Russia.

Although the communist country is experiencing a serious economic crisis, Seoul Kim’s family believes that $ 200,000 is spent annually on pets and their maintenance, such as a dozen trotting stallions Orlov, a Russian race horse, purchased in 2010.

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