Microsoft is betting on Windows 8 operating system for tablets

Microsoft has finally unveiled its Windows 8 operating system, this time around Windows 8 will be geared towards tablets and touch screen devices that have been selling more than traditional PC’s and notebooks. This may prove that Microsoft is still in the game and will try to entice buyer to upgrade from their existing Windows 7 operating system that has been some what popular with consumers, lets just hope Balmer does not embarrass Microsoft too much this time around

Microsoft is giving a sneak peak of its new Windows 8 operating system. The software’s main feature is that it is tailored for touchscreens and tablets, which are experiencing much faster growth than the traditional PC market. The early reviews on Windows 8 are quite favorable as Microsoft tries to take on the success of the Apple iPad. The new operating system should start showing up in tablet devices as early as the middle of next year. American consumers did not open their wallets very much in August, according to the Commerce Department. Retail sales were flat last month, with a slight rise excluding autos. Shoppers have expressed growing worries about the economy as job growth stalls and unemployment remains above nine percent. Economists also say consumers were frozen by the debt battle in Washington, the loss of America’s triple-A credit rating, and big drops in the stock market. Meanwhile, producer prices were also flat in August, as seen in a separate report by the Labor Department.

Via: Conway Gittens, Reuters

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