Microsoft launches “The Cure”, video game via email

Microsoft launches “The Cure”, a video game that you can enjoy through your Hotmail inbox.

Microsoft has dubbed it “email gaming,” a new form of entertainment that allows players to go complete quests and levels of a game from the inbox of their emails.

This game takes advantage of their Hotmail active users, that allow you to create a gameplay experience and advanced actions.

As of November 10, Internet users can join the game as much through their Windows Live Messenger as their Facebook account.

The Spanish studio Weekend Game Studio is responsible for this title that has a future without any competition really, with almost perfect characters who do not know what it means to be tired.

However, the balance of this utopian society is endangered when people begin to mutate and turn into a threat to the game’s lead character, a young man named Sortez who has proposed to fight with the help of the Internet.

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