Microsoft prepares interactive episodes of Sesame Street with Kinect

After nine years of talks between Microsoft and the producer of Sesame Street, the original version of Sesame Street  that is still being issued in the U.S., we can now say that the Redmond company will  bring  the interactivity   of the popular show puppet  two  Microsoft.

The Kinect  will work through gesture recognition technology from Intel, in which both parties have come to call  this “two-way television.”

Will  feature episodes in which children can interact with their favorite toys through movement.

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) being held these days in Las Vegas  the first demonstration of what will be the “future of television.”  is being displayed.

It utilizes the motion detection system of Kinect, and  In the event  it was shown  with a girl throwing peanuts at the screen and was one of the popular  events displayed in the  show.

The rag doll from Sesame Street would not be the only star in these episodes that we will see and enjoy  our televisions in the near future.

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