Microsoft signs a new licensing agreement with Android with LG continues to play hardball

With this agreement Redmond receives 70% income of Android smartphones sold in the United States.

Microsoft continues to raise money from Google with a new Android-licensing agreement, this time with LG. So from now LG will pay Microsoft every time they sell a device based on Android (or Chrome OS), joining the long list of manufacturers of devices with Google operating systems that have already signed similar agreements with Redmond.

In fact, Microsoft has added 11 new agreements, as confirmed from the company, from now “more than 70% of all Android smartphones sold in the United States” are subject to these agreements. That is, Microsoft collects  from 70% of Android smartphones sold in the United States.

The bizarre gold strategy made on the basis of competition operating system has its origin in a series of patents that Microsoft has over operating systems,  such as, Android and Chrome OS  have violated. Instead of suing manufacturers  during launch on new devices with these operating systems, Microsoft offers a license agreement to these (allegedly) violated patents. And the game seems to be coming along well: among the signatories of the agreements already include companies like Samsung, HTC and Acer, CNET reports.

Google absolutely hates this strategy and have accused Microsoft of extortion. However, Redmond in the time is getting away with it and has even gained (preliminarily) one the few who resist, Motorola Mobility, with the International Trade Commission (ITC) from Redmond to ensure that indeed , Motorola infringes its patent. Meanwhile, Microsoft is pocketing millions (about 444 in 2011) based on this trick. Will they control all the manufacturers out there?

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