Obama competing for Fan record

Its again all about Barack Obama but its nothing to do with USA or his presidentship. In this scenario he is running in a race for something else, Something related to popularity , Yes you heard it right. President Obama and lady Gaga are the top two competitors in a worldwide popularity contest. The resident and the singer are head to head in the race to become the first living person with over 10 millions fans on the socail networking site.


As of 29th July , 2010 The United States President was in lead , with 9,058,881 fans. Lady Gaga chasing behind with 9,023,966. Although the No. 1 individual person with most number of fans is Michael Jackson, who had 13,285,811. The pop star died a year ago. Both the president and the singer were almost 4 million fans behind Mr. Jackson.


Lady Gaga’s page list everything including her upcoming concerts to upcoming albums , holiday visits etc. It also includes a very interesting article describing how the 24 year old singer , who used to play piano while being a teenager, grew into a fabulous performer who amazes people all over the world with flashy performances on world stage concerts.


The President’s page is managed by the “group Organizing for America”. It includes several Photographs of his recent Gulf Coast trip and all the links to his speeches from press conferences. His page lists his interests as “writing articles , poems , playing basketball , spending some time with family and kids. and they have also mentioned his favourite books which include The Bible, Tragedies by Shakespeare and Sonf of solomon by Toni Morrison.


It is almost said Facebook has 400 million acive users. This unofficial popularity contest came a year aftter another milestone of the same category was achieved. A race to million followers on twitter .Actor Ashton Kutcher narrowly beat CNN fan page , reaching the goal 30 mins earlier than CNN passed the 1 million mark as well . He challenged , saying he would donate 10000 mosquito bed nets to charity for World Malria Day if he beat CNN and only 1000 if he lost. CNN agreed to donate 20000 mosquito nets.

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