Our desktop in a “pendrive”

Can you imagine having your desktop in a “flash drive”? Fujitsu, in an effort to provide some really innovative solutions, has released Zero Client. This time they present a “flash drive” that stores the information needed to convert your laptop to the user’s desktop.

I think in this age of virtualization and cloud laden technology, this option is misguided. We see how the IT sector seeks to provide solutions suitable for all audiences and especially for companies that want to have flexible systems or be prepared to prevent unwelcome viruses or bugs.

The gadget is called Portable Zero Client MZ900. It is capable of mounting a secure environment that uses multiple data transfer protocols to connect to a server from any Windows-based computer that has Internet access. Thus, users do not need to carry their laptop, because they can upload their personal data and applications simply by connecting the unit. We do not know the price but you will see it for sale soon.

Fujitsu makers say there is no possibility of being infected with a virus using the Zero Client MZ900 as the data is not stored locally, but is obtained from the server to which you connect. The unit is compatible with Windows and is compatible with virtualization platforms, such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenDesktop and VMware.

In brief we will analyzes the behavior and the versatility of Citrix Provisioning Services, and we will be able to compare this solution with others designed to deliver VDI environments. We already have seen a fierce commitment from manufacturers in regards to VDI environments or mass distribution, we will keep you posted.

More information | Fujitsu

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