Rumor: Sony is preparing a film about Steve Jobs

Sony plans to shoot a film about Steve Jobs biography based on the imminent appearance of Walter Isaacson. According to several U.S. media sources, the producer has agreed to pay one million dollars (747,000 euros) for the rights of the book and, if the film came to fruition, the sum would amount to three million dollars (2.242 million euros). The publisher has Isaacson’s book this month ahead of the date of its publication following the death of Jobs.

Sony has commissioned the preparation of Mark Gordon production. The studio already has in its catalog another recent success based on the biography of a prominent character in the digital world. It is the social network, which portrays the rise of Facebook and the controversial initial movements when he was in college, its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. It is a biopic not entirely flattering about the founder of Facebook.

Regarding the project by Sony, it is not the first film where the founder of Apple appears. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) is another movie that purports to be the story of the birth of Apple and Microsoft. In the film, the long-haired Steve Jobs (played by Noah Wyle) Demands on its employees, takes advantage of what they thought about Xerox engineers.

Bill Gates and Ballmer,  of Microsoft, are always behind. Jobs accused them of stealing his ideas, but think he will win the game because “our product is better” and the young Gates replied: “don’t you understand, it does not matter.”

In fact, Bill Gates character in film is treated worse. As far as insulting. In Antitrust, 2001, however, there are enough hints to associate with the character who plays Gary Winston Tim Robbins. The film quotes Gates as a second computer magnate, trying to get information from people, without them knowing.
Other characters in the world of computers to appear or are mentioned in some films. Shawn Fanning, Napster’s creator, has a cameo in The Italian Job (2003). Hackers 2 (2000), for example, is based on the history of hunting and capture of hacker Kevin Mitnick (played by Skeet Ulrich), who ended up in jail and was forbidden to be in front of a computer.

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