Samsung Note has reached 1 million in sold units in three months

Samsung good lucky. They Just announced that one of their most experimental devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note, has managed to reach one million units sold. This positive response from the public will open the doors to the U.S. market, a market that traditionally has been more resilient to Samsung. In addition, the company has confirmed this will not be the last of devices that are beyond the traditional view of a smartphone or tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet. With a host of technical features that bring it closer to the Samsung Galaxy S II, the great difference in this device is in the size of it’s screen, 5.3 that stops midway between smart phones and tablets. The inclusion of optical pointer also makes it a very powerful digital agenda unlike other smartphones.

this was a risky launch bordering between two different types of technology segments due to its size it can get bit awkward carrying it in your pocket and talking on the phone however initial results have shown that the note has become one of the flagship products of Samsung.

One million units shipped in three months is a very good figure, especially considering that its release has not occurred in all countries.

the success of the note has made Samsung announce that it is looking to launch the phone in the United States although no release date has been laid out and as said earlier to South Korean company has said it will also launch new devices that will be different than what we’ve seen in recent years and have said are looking to sell hundred and 150 million smart phones.

The Note success has led to the announcement that Samsung will launch this terminal in the main market of telephony, United States, but has not yet given a specific date. In addition, the South Korean company also announced it will launch new devices that are beyond the usual lines of the market in a year they expect to sell about 150 million smartphones.

Via: SlashGear

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