Should Facebook have a dislike button ?

Facebook stated earlier this week that they would definetly think of adding a Dislike button to the site which would allow the users to express dislike for all the updates or pages on Facebook. But I think they are humoring around. Facebook will never add such a button , regardless of user’s demand.

The like button serves number of purposes for Facebook. It also lowers the barrier of connecting people with the commercial entities on the site. In past users could “Become a Fan” of a particular page or a brand, but now they simply “Like” the brand , which resulted in higher number of users getting in touch with their favourite brands. Another advantage is that it increases the clicks for several web publishers. Facebook users are more likely to hit the “Like” button other than hitting the “Share” button . And the third benefit : this social networking site aims to connect prople who share a similar interest. Like buttons result in more connections , which creates more value and popularity for the website.


A Dislike button provides none of these benefits. In fact it would create significant tension between Facebook, brands, and web publishers. Imagine if Facebook users could not only choose to “Like” Coca-Cola, but were also provided the option to “Dislike” the brand. Would Facebook become a more appealing place for brands to spend their marketing budgets and ad dollars … or a less appealing one? Now imagine that websites could add “Dislike” buttons to their pages. Would web publishers rush to add this option, desperate for the negative feedback from their visitors? Hardly.

And what about Facebook’s mission to “make the world more open and connected”?

While Like buttons connect Facebook users to their interests, Dislike buttons serve no such purpose. Like buttons are about connection; Dislike buttons are about division.

In short, Facebook will never add a Dislike button because it would damage the company’s relationships with brands, businesses and web publishers — these groups are essential for building both web traffic and ad revenue.

Like it or not, Dislike buttons aren’t coming to Facebook anytime soon.

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