SolarWinds Patch Manager Review

If there is one task all system administrators hate, it’s patch management.  It is a boring and thankless task which takes many hours and often produces little more than frustration with new bugs.

To make the process less terrible, SolarWinds makes the SolarWinds Patch Manager (SWPM). SWPM enables system administrators to automate patching of both operating systems and applications. With SWPM, an administrator can patch thousands of servers and workstations with one easy process.

SolarWinds partners with leading software manufacturers such as Apple, Google, Mozilla, Adobe, and Oracle to provide SWPM customers with prebuilt and tested patches which can be deployed automatically. For more complex deployments SWPM lets administrators define custom actions to be executed before or after patch deployment.

SWPM starts by performing an automated discovery of your environment. It creates an inventory of servers and workstations and identifies systems which require patching to become current.

SolarWinds Patch Manger is designed to work with and extend both Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

By working with Microsoft techbnology, SWPM provides a centralized console for patch management, without requiring an agent on each workstation or server.

Best of all, SWPM automatically creates reports for your boss to ignore. 😀

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