Special forces apparently has been hacked

Anonymous hackers are back in the news this time they claim to have broken into specialforces.com and stolen thousands of credit cards and passwords of members there.

Sspecialforces.com is a site that offers military and law enforcement gear and anonymous claims to have gathered more than 14,000 passwords and as many as 8000 credit card numbers.

Proof of the hack was mentioned by twitter and they posted a screenshot message by special forces that it had sent an e-mail to their clients warning them of the breach, however special forces only cleans that encrypted data was stolen the main reason that anonymous hacked specialforces.com is mainly because specialforces.com has a large military and law enforcement crowd.

In the wake of the previous attack of strategic forecasting in that attack anonymous claims to have stolen 50,000 e-mail addresses personal information and credit card numbers that attack also had implications for David Morgan and Australian MP Malcolm Turnbull both of which had their credit card information published on the web by the same anonymous hackers.


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