Testing phase begins for uTorrent Plus will cost $25 a year

In the middle of last July there was news. uTorrent Plus will venture to a P2P client premium model with some extra features to make it more attractive. The adventure begins now, with the first drafts of the application that will give more details on how will this payed Bit torrent client will function.

uTorrent plus include a standard anti-virus scan that we want to download from torrent sites. Based on BitDefender with an extensive database of known infections, the virus scanner can find threats to our system before we open any file you have downloaded. It will also be able to remove all traces of malware. However don’t most people already have an antivirus program installed on their computers ? Besides all anti virus apps already warn you of any pending threats any virus’s.

We can also play audio and video files we downloaded with an integrated media player, access the remote client with complete Web access  or recode the videos so they can be seen in any mobile devices and video game consoles. uTorrent Plus will cost $ 25 a year, and we still have available the all familiar uTorrent client for free.

Via| ExtremeTech
Official Site | Plus uTorrent

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