The iPhone 4S starts the Tim Cook era

When the river makes sound, it brings water. The expected amount depends on whom you ask.It is expected that a simple increase in volume and others await for a real ‘tsunami’. This is what has happened with the new iPhone model. While the vast majority of forecasts bet that Tim Cook would wear his new position as CEO of Apple with the next generation of its popular phone, the U.S. company introduced the iPhone 4S as an evolution of the current model currently in the market.

It is not a facelift. Nothing new in design. The changes, lower than expected, have been undertaken the heart and guts of the phone. The most striking of these is the incorporation of ‘Siri‘, a speech assistant that can search the Internet, write emails, notes and reminders, and find the definition of a word such as mitosis, provide you the weather forecast or look up stock quotes.

The images now can be taken with a eight megapixel quality as opposed to the current five. Improvements in video capture have been parallel since parts can be recorded (in addition to editing) in high-definition quality 1080 dpi. The new iPhone will incorporate the same processor as the iPad 2, which will improve the performance of the phone to seven times faster than the original. A accompanied ‘transplant’, with a new battery, was announced, will be able to support up to eight hours of talk time, ten to video and forty for music . It also includes a dual antenna that can send data at a speed of 7.2 mbps and download at 14.4.

Prices will be $199, $299 and $399 for versions 16, 32 and 64 GB, respectively.While the announcement was scheduled on stage at the Apple headquarters in California, the website for retail sale in Japan provided information on the new device minutes before Cook leap on stage.

The presentation was made in the style of his predecessor. There was a tour of the Apple universe and announced that the ‘icloud’ service will be available next October 12. Cook left the bulk of the presentation to the rest of his team and, as was Jobs, appeared after the event but there was no grand finale.

This was very different than his predecessor who always bore the greatest responsibility for such show. This may open the possibility that the new leadership of the company would chooses to split the role between their particular ‘San Edrín’ -Philip Schiller, Eddy Cue y Scott Forstall.

The modus operandi was very similar to that used in the update of the iPhone 3.Something that has been a bitter teaspoon of castor oil for thousands of fans who were eager to take their dissatisfaction to Twitter.

There were few, in between supporters and analysts, who expected Tim Cook to provide more fireworks for the presentation, the first of the ‘post Steve Jobs’. The ‘no’ launch of the iPhone 5 traded with a drop in company shares by 3.5% during the presentation.

With the mystery of the iPhone 5 and rumors iPad 3, Cook is facing the challenge of maintaining innovative and creative demands of the factory of Cupertino, the slipstream of the empire built by Jobs. The danger, this memory will become a heavy burden as in the case of Microsoft when Bill Gates left the ship to engage in philanthropy.

Best of iPhone 4S

  • Voice aid. Siri recognizes voice commands and is capable of searching the Internet, set alarms, write notes and emails, as well as looking up words and check the weather.
  • More powerful processor. A5 incorporated chip, which will increase up to seven times the speed of the phone (compared to the original) that come equipped with IOS 5.
  • Best camera for photos and video. It can capture images at 8 megapixels and is compatible with 1080p video images.
  • Longer battery life. It estimates that it will for eight hours of talk time, ten or forty music video.
  • Two antennas for connection to the Internet.It can download data to 14, 4 mbps to 7.2 Mbps and send.

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