The iPhone 5 and Apple Fanboy-Fangirl syndrome # Infographics

In fact, this computer graphics, created by Paid Viewpoint includes a previous three-part computer graphics (the third not yet published) that deal with the iPhone 5.

In the first computer graphics in the following illustration is represented by points 1, 2 and 3,provides a series of data on current iPhone users, what benefits would the he iPhone 5 have to have and who is likely to buy an iPhone 5.

In the second, including Section 4, explain the diagnosis of Apple Fanboys and offer some interesting figures that are geared towards iPhone owners that are Apple fanboys and those who have asmartphone of this type, but are not Fanboys.

Here are the graphics,

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Infographic by: Get paid for your opinion!

[Fuente GeekOSystem]

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