Use TweepsMap to locate your Twitter followers on a map

Twitter is becoming step by step the fashion of social network, many refer to as the source of the information others instead use it to endorse their opinion, the latter far from the media potential that makes millions every day read and seek the reaction of thousands of users by hashtags and trending topics produced by the second.

To organize in this maelstrom of information, often we have to resort to uncontrolled external tools that help us better understand and meet our fans. To do this we present TweepsMap that lets you know for example the amount of users who live in a particular geographical area.

In fact, you can view the map by country, city or province. You can share that information in your Twitter account. You can also send the TweetpMap link to your email. In addition, the website creates a pie chart with the geographic information of your contacts and generates a list of the percentages of your followers.

As usual with all external applications you need to authorize Twitter to use your account to connect (click here and connect to your account).

Link | TweepsMap

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