Will the Networks Block Skype

More than 10 years ago mobile phones were as big as a shoe and only had the technical ability for the owner to enter phone numbers and make calls.If we now move forward to the current year, we are seeing a wide variety of phones being released with truly advanced features.

But probably the biggest innovation is the establishment of internet access; you can now gain entry to the internet just as you would do on a computer. And this is causing network providers a huge headache. We all know that mobile networks have been making a fortune for years and this is because they overcharge to make calls.

But as internet access on mobiles phones grow so do access to free wifi spots, so this could potentially wipe out all of the mobile phone networks, because what is happening is that people are connecting to the internet and accessing Skype, which gives you the ability to have free calls between Skype users. Most of the UK providers have already banned VoIP access, but Nokia’s recent release of their N97 come’s pre installed with Skype giving users the ability to easily access the service.

The networks should not be blocking things like this, in my opinion, as it just makes them look bad. We are currently in the middle of a huge financial crisis, so people want to look for the best ways to save. I truly believe that the number one reason the network three has grown is because they offer their customers the freedom choice. I believe that if the networks want to make their business a success, then they need to find a way to partner up with services such as Skype and offer a revenue share scheme.

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