Windows 8, easier to install and update over Windows 7

Windows 8 development continues, and today the team at Microsoft has published more interesting information. This time, they go directly to the first step to enjoy all future Microsoft operating system … installation. Something that sounds easy, but that often ends up becoming almost a torture to many.

Looking back, who has not had a good couple of hours installing XP, Vista and even Windows 7? From Redmond have always had this lingering on their backs “unfinished business”, and it seems that now they are determined to finally get the monkey of their backs by eliminating these arduous steps. At the end of the day, having to be near the computer for more than four hours sometimes only to write the product key or set certain options on time, is something that nobody likes. And Windows 8, could end that all.

First of all, it seems clear that getting Windows 8 will be as easy as possible and may be purchased by either a physical DVD or download it directly from the Internet. Going further, when updating any version of Windows to Windows 8, the installer will take almost everything automatically, without requiring user interaction reducing or reducing it to a minimum. It will begin to install, and we can leave it be. For example, if you download the Windows 8 disk image directly from Microsoft it will not be necessary even to enter the key or activate the operating system, which will be integrated within it. Something similar to the that of Mac OS X.

Of course, amongst other things, Microsoft has confirmed that the clicks during installation have been reduced by over 80% compared to the Windows 7 installer. The way they talk about Windows 8, everything looks rosy, does it not ?


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