YouTube to launch 12 TV channels in 2012

As reported by the prestigious newspaper The Wall Street Journal, YouTube is preparing to launch about 12 thematic channels such in current television, which could see the light in early 2012.

YouTube already offers content from genres such as entertainment, news, travel and cooking, but now wants to step more important, competing with major broadcasters, thematic channels offering a defined schedule.

Although currently the only information we have, it seems that a company spokesmanwould have informed the newspaper thatGoogle would have paid millions of dollarsand the contents placed in the new channels.

Google’s YouTube Inc. unit is hammering out deals for the first of more than a dozen ad-supported video “channels” that will feature regularly scheduled content around themes such as fashion and sports and compete with traditional television services, reports The Wall Street Journal. The paper said Google is hoping to procure content within the next 60 days to help set up a launch in 2012. The idea is also bubbling up ahead of the next generation of Google TV.

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